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Licensing common methods used in fisheries management

9 May 2014

With the new season of survey work rapidly approaching now is the time to make sure all the required licences are in place. A number of activities carried out by fisheries managers require a licence, including the following:

  • Electro fishing
  • Fishing using nets
  • Fishing using traps
  • Fishing by rod and line during the close time

Also requiring licences are:

  • Operations which will disturb salmon redds
  • Operations using poisons e.g. rotenone


The Licensing Authorities are:  Marine Scotland Science acting on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, District Salmon Fishery Boards and the River Tweed Commission.

District Salmon Fishery Boards are able to issue licences for operations taking place within their districts but only in the case of salmon and sea trout. If other freshwater species are likely to be caught, including brown trout, written permission issued by The Scottish Ministers is required.  The only exception to this is within the area covered by the River Tweed Commission which issue licences under specific Tweed legislation.

Anyone wishing to implement fishing operations during weekly or annual close times must apply for a licence to the Scottish Ministers. Or in the case of the River Tweed area the River Tweed Commission

Application forms for licenses issued by The Scottish Ministers and further guidance can be found at the following web address:


The application form must be printed off and completed manually before submitting to Marine Scotland.

Forms can also be obtained by telephoning, e-mailing or writing to the following:


Licensing , Freshwater Laboratory, Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire. PH16 5LB


Tel - 01224 294400             e-mail –


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