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SFCC Adopted Protocols

The SFCC encourage the use of the following protocols, some of which will be fed into the Research & Data Strategy under the Wild Fisheries Reform Programme

  • Barrier assessment: The SNIFFER WFD 111 project developed a protocol for field assessment of barriers to fish. It includes field survey methods, a manual and field sheets.


  • Invertebrate surveys: The Riverfly partnership provides training and monitoring protocols and advice. The UKTAG summary document is available and provides an overview of the main WFD invertebrate monitoring and classification methods. Other tools are also described on theUKTAG website.


  • Diatom assessment: There are a range of standard procedures which SEPA use which cover sample collection, preparation, taxonomic assessment and analysis. They are drawn from the various diatom documents provided on the UKTAG website athttp://www.wfduk.org/. (A summary document is available which describes the diatom classification process for rivers in general terms.)
  • Large waterbody surveys: SEPA uses the Irish NS-SHARE loch sampling protocol to monitor still waters and recommends that any data which could be used for future WFD classification should follow this protocol. It is a reduced version of the CEN standards for gillnetting, with some fyke trapping added to account for eels.
  • Eel surveys: A summary of the Environment Agency’s eel monitoring approach.
  • Smolt counting: Information and a protocol in the North American salmon field protocols manual.

Snorkel Survey Protocol - By Jennifer ONeal

SFCC Sweep Netting Protocol

SFCC Sweep Netting Protocol Recording Sheet


SFCC Sawbill Counting Considerations Tweed Foundation

SFCC Example Sawbill Counting Recording Sheet Tweed Foundation


Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis (UDN)

Other downloadable documents:

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